Artificial Turf Installation

Going Artificial / Synthetic Grass Has Never Been Trendier


Artificial turf was introduced in the 1960s as an alternative to live lawns. It has all the benefits of grass without all the tiresome maintenance work. However, even though it has been in the market for decades, it never really grew to popularity—until now. Back then, it looked and felt all too fake, which didn’t entice consumers.

Over time, technology has made it possible to have these turfs look and feel like real grass. Their qualities are so replicative that they can fool a lot of people. Add to the fact that It maintains that pristine look, year in and year out.

Uses And Applications

  • Sports Fields: sports fields are used a lot, and real grass can quickly wear down. A poorly maintained turf will cause injuries and be a detriment. Going artificial can help players play to the best of their ability.
  • Schools and Playgrounds kids spend a lot of time playing outdoors. The dirt and mud they can bring to the school when it starts raining aren’t appealing. Synthetic turf in play areas is cleaner and can make kids a bit more appreciative of the environment.
  • Outdoor residential space more and more people are seeing the benefit of going artificial for their homes. People lead busy lives, and some don’t have the physical capability of maintaining a lawn. These turfs are also safe for pets and children.
  • Golf green thanks to technology, you can have a putting green just outside your home. Specifics that match golfing areas can now be easily replicated. Now you can practice and have a bit of fun without spending too much at a club.
  • Events: going green at an event is eye-catching and can set you apart. Having pristine grass indoors has an appeal and can be used to highlight specific areas. It’s also easy to just roll up the turf once you’re done with it.
  • Pet areas: having pets and a live lawn is not always a good time, especially for dogs. They can dig and mess up the grass, creating bald spots. Artificial turf is a great option and is also equipped to handle urine, letting it pass through to the ground for absorption.
  • Rooftop gardens and balconies: having greenery in these areas can change your outdoor space’s aesthetic dynamic. It just has this relaxing effect. Real grass is notoriously tricky to grow in these areas.

Synthetic and Artificial Turf Products

We use primarily Daytona Synthetic Grass for our installations. For more information on Daytona Synthetic grass, please click here.


The Benefits Of Going Artificial

Real grass requires a lot of maintenance. You have to water, feed, and mow it regularly, which ends up using lots of your time. Synthetic grass doesn’t have that problem, and these turfs have a life expectancy of up to 25 years.

They are also customizable. You can choose from varying colors, textures, and blade lengths to fit your needs. Eco-friendly people will also love the fact that these turfs are made out of recycled materials.

Imagine just sitting there by your garden or rooftop, enjoying a cup of coffee by the greenery. Imagine being able to do so all year round without all the hassle of tending the lawn.

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