Paver Patterns

Pavers are available in numerous patterns or styles which mean that you can definitely find something that will best suit the landscape project you have in mind. These patterns are popular not just for their exceptional appearance but for their strength as well.

Check out below the most popular patterns of pavers our customers love!

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Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone Pattern Pavers are designed to be laid going in alternate directions to form a V shape. It is possible to lay this pattern at 45 or 90 degrees. This is usually used in medium to large sized entertainment areas.

The herringbone pattern has a very strong visual effect that adds character to all types of outdoor spaces. You can combine the design with some clay pavers in the middle or you can also use it as a border to form a nice detail.

This pattern is famous for its durability and strength. This is also highly recommended in places with furniture or heavy traffic. It is also ideal to lay the herringbone pattern in walkways, patios, and driveways.

Circular Pattern

The Circular paver pattern can be achieved through laying paver rows in circular formation. Even though pavers have tiny spaces between them, you can easily fill these with sand or mortar.

This pattern is best known for looking perfect when combined throughout the rest of the patterns like basket weave, herringbone, or running bond. There is no need to form a full circle with the pattern as you can choose to form half or just a quarter of circular pattern.

The circular pattern is used often in patio areas or big driveways. It also breaks up big spaces through adding interest as well as complementing some elements in the area.

Basket Weave Pattern

The Basket weaver paver pattern, originated from old English landscape design era, is a renowned pattern that would bring a vintage look to your place.

It pavers in this pattern alternate between horizontal and vertical pairs. Paired pavers make columns and rows, which are known for its eye catching effect.

You do not need to stick with just one color. You may get creative with the pattern through adding complementary or contrasting colors.

This pattern is perfect for homeowners searching for a vintage or historic look. But, it’s less common in comparison to some patterns. Basket weave is durable also and ideal for outdoor location.

European Fan Pattern

You can see the European famous fan pattern all around Europe where it’s originated from. This pattern with circular pattern is renowned to be the most challenging patterns to lay. It is recommended to use fan and circular kits that are typically available through the paver manufacturers. Even if it’s challenging to start, it’s one of the best and beautiful paving patterns and popular in the commercial and residential designs. This pattern allows you flexibility with the fan’s size and paver’s color.

Paver Shapes

Paver shapes are round, square, hexagonal, and rectangular. Oftentimes, patterns have different shapes in a design, which makes the pattern more intricate bringing characters to your home.